Friday, September 21, 2012


Let us prepare for the greater struggles:

The following glaring problems are agitating our minds, for a very long time. As per the decision of the 28th Biennial All India Conference of this union, Lunch-hour demonstration from 10th October, 2012 to 12th October, 2012 and send Savingram to the DG Posts over the following issues.

1.   Immediately arrange for filling up of vacant posts in the cadre of PACO & MTS.
2.   Fill up promotional posts in the cadre of LSG/HSG-II and HSG-I posts by granting/holding DPCs to all eligible officials.

The following is the text of the Savingram to be sent to the DG:


Cross Section of Postal Workers working in Circle Administrative office express their serious concern over the glaring problems faced by them and urges intervention  and immediate settlement.

Demands annexed.


1.    Conduct Deptl promotion examinations and fill up Deptl promotion vacancies in the Cadre of PA (CO). Fill up of vacant MTS Posts as per the recruitment rules. Permitting the left over category employees to write LGO examination (Lift Operators/Wireman/Electrician’s).
2.    Conduct work study of the C.O/R.O’s staff and fix revised norms for all items of newly entrusted work such as BD/Technology etc. Take action to create and fill up justified additional posts in CO/RO.
3.    Stop Decentralization of PLI/RPLI work. Ensure uniform implementation of Directorates Orders regarding retention of the PLI/RPLI work of Divisions situated at CO/RO Head quarters at CO/RO itself.
4.    Ensure the JOB Security of DPLI Kolkata. No staff of DPLI should be re-deployed out of DPLI Office. Assurance given by Directorate in this regard may be honoured in toto.
5.    Re-assignment of the DO PLI work and suitable modifications regarding procurements of PLI business. Revise the rate of PLI incentive.
6.    Immediate finalization of the cadre restructuring proposals as assured by Secretary, Department of Posts.
7.    Permit Circle Office staff also to appear in PSS Group-B examination.
8.    Fill up all AD posts earmarked for Circle Office staff from amongst the OS cadre on seniority cum fitness basis.
9.    Grant TBOP/BCR to those officials who are senior in the gradation list, from the date their juniors are granted TBOP/BCR, irrespective of the fact whether they have completed 16/26 years of service cases of Karnataka and Orissa Circles.
10. Ensure correct fixation of pay of those MTS who are granted ACP-1, ACP-2 between 1-1-2006 and 31-8-2008 while fixing of their pay on MACP promotion after 1-9-2008. Stop recovery due to wrong interpretation of rules in cases of Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal Circles.
11. Grant timely eligible promotion to the Hindi translators in Circle and ROs.
12. Grant special pay to the Section Supervisors in Circle Office and RO.
13. Timely and prompt holding of DPCs for granting MACP promotion to all eligible officials of C.O./R.O.
14. Settle MACP anomalies promotions earned though limited competitive examinations should not be counted towards MACP.  Grant the grade pay of next promotional post instead of hierarchical scales.
15. Grant compassionate appointments to the dependents of all deceased employees. Remove the 5% restriction imposed on compassionate appointments.
16. Grant prorata wages to all casual labours w.e.f. 1-1-2006 and regularize their services by observing against regular posts.
17. Stop outsourcing work of C.O./RO staff.
18. Supply sufficient number of new computers as per the requirement of each unit and condemned all those unserviceable computers.
19. Conducting of JAO examination for promotion to the post of AAOs.
20. Stop the anti-union and anti-employee attitude and harassment of staff by the Director Postal Training Centre Madurai, Tamilnadu Circle.
21. Provide necessary infrastructure such as man power, supply of printing paper, equipment, machinery etc to the regional printing press Bhubaneshwar.
22. Fill up all the vacant posts of DPS/CPMGs of smaller circles like Chattisgarh and Uttarakhand.
23.  Discrimination relating to applicability of CGHS in case of the P&T Pensioners.

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