Tuesday, May 7, 2013


     24th National Conference of the Confederation of Central GOVT Employees & Workers was held at Kolkata on and from 4th May to 6th May' 2013 within a very short period of time. In spite of so many adversities like tremendously bad weather, resource crunch and obstructions created, the conference ended with a clarion call and vow that any attacks on the working class irrespective of the Departments and Ministries of the GOVT of INDIA would be fought with all seriousness in days to come. No compromise would be done on the basic issues relating to staff interests and any threat against the existance of the working class.
     Our struggle against the PFRDA Bill will continue until and unless we can create a bending situation.
     Comrade A.K.Padmanavan, President, CITU made the inaugural speech emphasizing continuation of this historically strong and united movement against the draconian policies of GOI.
     In the said conference different speakers expressed their concern over Banking Sector reforms, The disinvetment of PSUs, Global Financial Crisis, Massive unemployment, Corruptions and Scams, Plights of contingent workers in the Govt Sectors, downsizing outsourcing and contractoriaztion, regularization of daily rated workers, absorption of GDS as regular Postal Employees and many other issues like MACP anomalies and extension of CGHS facilities to the P&T Pensioners, etc. The said conference also strongly demanded revision of wages w.e.f 01.01.2011 and setting up of VIIth CPC, Merger of DA with Pay and issues like compassionate appointments also get priorities.
    24th AIC remembered the contribution of Com S.K.Vyas and Comrade K.K.N.Kutty for many decades. 24th AIC further remembered the special contribution of Comrade S.K.Vyas, for many glaring issues which were taken up by Com S.K.Vyas and Comrade K.K.N.Kutty. 24th AIC also gratefully remembered the glorious fighting temperament even at the age of 83.
    The 24th National Conference of the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers held at Kolkata from 4th to 6thhas elected following as main office bearers. Com. S. K. Vyas (Advisor), Com. K. K. N. Kutty (President) Com. M. S. Raja (Working President), Com. M. Krishnan (Secretary General), Com. K. P. Rajagopal (Secretary) Com. Vrighu Bhattacharjee (Finance Secretary), 13 lakh Central Government employees of 106 affiliated organisation are the members of the Confederation.
    Hope that experienced and able leadership of the newly elected body of the conefedreation would lead the organization against the anti working class policies of GOI and other Govt Sectors.

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