Thursday, May 2, 2013

Affiliated to NATIONAL FEDERATION OF POSTAL EMPLOYEES   Central Headquarters: 30/3 - D, P&T Quarters, Kali Bari Marg,
New Delhi-110001
 AU/A-3/Staff/kerala,                                                                                   25 .03.2013

Ms. P. Gopinath
Secretary(Post) & Chairman PS Board
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001

Sub:   Unusual issuance of transfer orders – Cases of Postal assistant and MTS working in the office the of PMG, Kochi Region issued by Mr. George Ninan, PMG, Kochi Region.

Respected Madam,
                    This has the reference to my conversation with you while you were inaugurating the 29th AIC of AIPEU, Class-III at Thiruvananthapuram on 10.03.2013.  Just after your deliberations, you had kindly allowed me to narrate some issues on which you had given patient hearing for which I am very much grateful to you.  I assured you to write in details. Promptly, I had jot down some problems and given it to you for your kind perusal though* I could not place it in Union pad.
          One of such problems, which is of very serious nature and unusual exposition of high handedness of the Postmaster General, Kochi Region towards his subordinates.
          I am narrating below from the humanitarian point of view with the earnest request that being the top most custodian and protector of the staff, you will kindly interfere and upheld the flag of justice against such unusual and irregular orders.
          Now, I may bring to your kind attention, that an irregular order issued by PMG, CR vide RO Ir. No.ST/42-25/99 dated 04-03-2013, a copy of which is enclosed, transferring Smt. G.Vanaja, LR PA, Ernakulam HO to RO Kochi under the provisions of Rule 37 of Postal Manual Volume IV. It is ordered in the said memo that the pay of the official may be drawn against one of the PA (CO) vacancies existing in RO Kochi.
          The above order is irregular on the following grounds:-
(i) The order is issued without the approval of the Directorate which is mandatory and moreover, the officials involved with the transfers, have neither done anything against the national interest nor misbehaved or dishonored the higher official PMG (Kochi).
(ii) Directorate has time and again clarified that the cadre of PA (CO) & PA (PO) of different cadres, personnels having different job descriptions and transfer between these cadres is not permissible.
(iii)     The cadre of PA (CO) and PA (PO) are covered by two different set of Recruitment Rules.  As per Recruitment rule for PA (CO), the ratio for Direct Recruitment vs promotion is 80:20 and whereas it is 50:50 in the case PA (PO) as per Recruitment rule for PA (PO).
(iv)     Directorate has clarified that the vacancies in PA (CO) cannot be filled up by giving transfer to PO/RMS staff.  It is also pertinent that the PA (CO) vacancies arising after 31.12.2010 have not been authorized for filling up by the directorate.
(v)      The provisions of Rule 37 of Postal Manual Vol. IV are only general in nature and cannot be applied across all cadres and frequently.

It is brought to your kind notice that this is not the first instance that PMG CR has issued such irregular transfers taking shelter under rule 37 of Postal Manual Vol. IV whenever such dubious transfer is ordered for which the regional PMG is not competent to do as per Directorate instructions, the order of transfer in such cases is issued under the garb of Rule 37 of Postal Manual Vol. IV.  Another example is the case of t ransfer of Smt. N.K.Nalini Girija, MTS, R.O Kochi to NSPC, Kochi ordered vide RO Ir. No. ST/42-13/17/2006 dtd. 17.01.2013. It is not known, how the Regional PMG can invoke the provisions of Rule 37 and unnecessarily hamper the peaceful atmosphere of the Regional office, kochi.
          Therefore, I request your immediate intervention in the matter and for early action to set aside the irregular order under reference and thereby help us to maintain cordial atmosphere for exerting our sincere efforts for better functioning of the postal services as well as for serving the people properly.
          With respectful regards.
Enclo:  1.       ST/42-45/99, dated at Kochi 682020, the 4.3.2013
          2.       22-3/94-PE-I, Dtd. 15.11.94
          3.       General Rules, Transfer & Postings
          4.       22-3/94-PE-I dtd. 12/15.4.94
          5.       141-13/94-SPB-II Dtd.18.04.1996

          Yours faithfully,

General Secretary
Administrative Union (NFPE)

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