Thursday, September 19, 2013

(Deemed to have been posted on 19th September’13)

Yesterday’s declaration of Union Finance Minister for total ban on recruitment is a serious blow to us and we must strongly protest and make united actions to fight against such order.

Today is the Glorious day – 19th September. On this day in 1968 our predecessors participated in Nation wide One Day’s strike. Most important demands were as follows:

Raise the increment rate.

Recognition of 205 unions were derecognised by The Govt. of India.
Need based minimum wage.

Death of 15 Strikers, Hundreds injured.
100% compensation for price rise.

1,00,000 temporary workers were dismissed from service.
Merger of DA with Basic Pay.

DA issue was referred to 3rd CPC and ultimately thereafter, a formula was decided.
Proposal for retirement after service up to 50 years of age /25 years of service to be scrubbed.  

10,000 workers were summarily dismissed from service.
Abolition of contractual and casual labourer system.

22,000 workers were arrested.

But we did not achieve any of the demands even after the Strike. But subsequently we achieved many of those demands after a long time and that is also at the cost of death and atrocities of our Central Govt. workers, which we are still enjoying. We salute those great comrades of ours who through the sacrifice of their lives on this auspicious day on this historic occasion of 46th year of 19th September, 1968 Strike. We salute and bow our heads down as a mark of respect to their memories.

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