Friday, October 18, 2013


Dear Comrades/Colleagues/ Friends

GDS parliament march of this 11th December is a challenging issue for us. GDS are the backbone of Postal Workers’ Struggle and still the alive symbol of exploitation which started during British Raj. They are on the war path and their final showdown is on this 11th December on the roads of New Delhi. It is related with the prestige and dignity of our mighty National Federation of Postal Employees-NFPE- a symbol of class oriented struggle for the working class as a whole and for the postal workers throughout the country in particular. 89% of our rural post offices are being managed by these poor GDS employees. Yet they have not got the justice and other benefits at par with the departmental employees. They have not yet being treated as regular employees. Every year central govt. claims proud privilege of opening one after another Post Office, even in the remotest and far flung areas of the country, but the responsibility of running them falls on those helpless GDS employees whose allowances ( not salary) cannot buy them even two square meals a day in such a market of sky rocketing inflation. Once they are phased out of the ambit of the Department of Posts, it will be a simple formality to wind up the major areas of postal network by the Govt of India within a month or two. So we must dedicate ourselves for a greater form of struggle and ensure our fight for justice by MASSIVE PARTICIPATION IN THE PARLIAMENT MARCH OF THIS 11TH DECEMBER. Unless we trade the path of struggle we cannot protect the interest of the GDS employees and include them within the ambit of 7th CPC. Other related issues also cannot be settled.

Circle Secretaries/ Regional Secretaries are requested to make all out preparations right from now to join en-masse in the March. To ensure physical presence in large numbers IMMEDIATELY BOOK UP/ DOWN TICKETS TO NEW DELHI WITHOUT TAKING ANY RISK AND MAKE THIS MARCH A GRAND SUCCESS.


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