Thursday, January 30, 2014

Farewell to our great friend Comrade T.Ramesh, President of AIPAOEU,
Gr ‘C’ & Gr ‘D’,CHQ

Com. T.Ramesh , President, CHQ entered in the Department of Posts on 23.10.75 as LDC in A.P.Circle office. He became Asstt. Circle Secretary, AIPAOEU, Gr ‘C’ & ‘D’, A.P.Circle office in 1980. He passed the UDC Examination in 1981 & ultimately got HSG-I on 01.09.12. He has been working as Office Superintendent since 01.01.2014.

While he will be retiring as Office Superintendent Circle Office, A.P.Circle on this day i.e. 31.01.14 (A/N), his working as strong and belligerent soldier of our NFPE started in 1976. He became Federal Councillor in 1986 and Circle Secretary in 1988 and continued as CS upto 1998. He became Circle President in 2002. He was elected as V.P., CHQ in 1988 and ultimately became President ,CHQ in 2003 and still functioning as President, AIPAOEU, Gr ‘C’ & ‘D’, CHQ.

We have experienced many instances of his courage and loyalty towards the organisation. In 1990 under his leadership, an order of the Postal Dte. causing sufferings of the staff of Circle Administrative offices, was brought to the notice of the then Hon’ble Minister  Mr. K.P. Unnikrishnan through the then M.P. Com. Dwipen Ghosh and ultimately that order of sufferings and turmoil was kept in abeyance by the Postal Dte.

Our deep association with Com. Ramesh since long, has always been a happy experience for us. His finest sense of democratic values, will be a mirror for our organisation in days to come. We deeply value the contributions he made during his long tenure of service & remember his strong initiative for national strikes.

He will be leaving behind strong heritage in the Circle Office and a strong organisation under the leadership of Com. K. Ramachandram.

We feel sad and shocked at this parting moment with our Com. T.Ramesh and hope that although he is retiring, his suggestions and powerful opinions will enlighten us with new concepts and ideas.

Let us appreciate the contribution of him and accord him full regards and best wishes.

Let us hope that he will command us as usual, we bid him an affectionate farewell.

With heartiest greetings,

 Comradely yours,

  P. Bhattacharjee
 General Secretary


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