Monday, February 10, 2014


Friends &Comrades,

The decision of 2 days nationwide strike on 12th & 13th February, 2014 stands valid. No further progress in any discussion is there.

Friends, you are the witness of several struggles. The privileges we are enjoying like right from the Festival Advance, improved increment rate, better pay fixation formula, 2 to 3 promotions, waving of Bonus Ceiling, even Child Care Leave etc. were achieved through serious form of struggles. Had there been no movement since Nov, 2011, Parliament March on 26.07.12 & 1 day Strike on 12.12.12 and thereafter other form of agitations, formation of 7th Pay Commission would have been a story only and not reality. Although formation of 7th Pay Central Commission has been announced some days before, question of merger of DA, IR for the MTS & Group ‘C’ staff and our GDS people have not been extended.  

For two days’ strike, Multi-Tasking staff would face wage cut for 2 days ranging from Rs 900/- to Rs 1800/- (for 2 days) depending upon the length of service & PACO & Supervisors would face wage cut ranging from Rs 1300 to Rs 3100 depending upon the length of service. Whereas for non merger of 50% of DA with Basic Pay, one MTS is getting a wage loss ranging from Rs 2500/- (approx) to Rs 5000/- per month & that of PACO & Supervisor varies between Rs 3500/- to Rs 8000/- per month since 01-12-2013. Bank employees are going on strike for today & tomorrow.Banks & LIC employees are losing their wages for 4 to 6 days or more in a year at a regular measure and as a result of that Senior most employees have gained more than us.

Under this circumstances, in this ideological battle we should not compromise the strike days by performing duty or going on medical leave etc. 

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