Friday, February 14, 2014

Strike of great success

48 hours long historic strike of Central Govt. employees created a new emerging scenario in almost all parts of the country to fight the adamant and unbending attitude of the Central Govt. against some of the glaring issues of the Central Govt. employees.

Apart from common demands, some moral and ethical problems of the nation have been highlighted. Filling up of the vacant post of many lacks and demand for creation of new posts wherever justified, against downsizing, outsourcing, contractorisation and privatization of Govt. functions, rescind the PFRD Act, statutory pension for all and demand like stop price rise, created  a sensation amongst the people of India.

Rising above from self interests, we have taken the problem of mounting unemployment within the ambit of our nationwide strike. History will write this strike in golden letters because of its finest characteristics.

In the midst of severe inequalities like our uncompromising fight for GDS by our NFPE and fight for contractual labour/casual labourers have made our struggle more lively and vibrant.

The overwhelming response from our all segments of Postal workers including the Circle Administrative offices and DPLI office, Kolkata, has strengthened our unity and confidence to fight further to achieve the goal.
The overall response from other Departments also remarkably encouraging.

In spite of its glorious success, the news of the strike has not been covered by most of our very dear and near electronic and print media, probably because we are not running after market values and market economy, rather the questions of glaring moral and ethical values have been exposed through the strike for which they do least bother, yet the Strike is Cent percent successful.

We pay our respectful homage to the memory of those martyrs for whose sacrifices we have been enjoying so many privileges like Festival Advance, Fruits of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th CPC, weekly off, somewhat better and improved pay scales, 2-3 promotions, still drawing bonus and Child care leave etc. Their ultimate sacrifice in the great causes still help us to breath and live and grow to some extent as free people with honour and dignity.

Let us keep this fighting spirit and great unity for our any form of struggle within a short period of time. This historic Strike, will definitely act as a beacon light in our future struggles.
Warm greetings and red salute to one and all, irrespective of colour and ideology.

P. Bhattacharjee

General Secretary 
Postal Administrative offices' Employees' Union, NFPE

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