Wednesday, February 26, 2014


After a long and untiring efforts we have been able to get the new set of recruitment rules for the PACOs. The bottleneck was lack of new set of recruitment rules. We were striving like anything since 2011. Through our letter no. AU/A-3/Staff dated 29.11.12 the matter was brought seriously to the notice of the then DG (Posts). The matter was raised in periodical meeting also. In Departmental council meeting, it was our agenda. In the periodical meeting of 29.01.12 against item no.3, the reply was that “the revised RRs for PACO and PASBCO have been approved by the Secretary (Post) and sent to the Ministry of Law for vetting once the revised RRs are notified, further process will start.” Further on 28.12.12 in JCMDC it was minuted that “the RRs have been referred to the Ministry of Law for vetting. The Department will expedite the process of in consultation with Ministry of Law. As regards filling up of vacant posts, the circles have been directed to complete the process by 30.06.13.” And thereafter several persuasions through this unions letter dated 01.05.13 , 25.10.13, 20.11.13, 28.11.13 and even on other occasions we have constantly raised the issue with the DG (Posts) and ultimately we have been successful. Many many thanks to our NFPE who has constantly helped us in this task. Many many thanks to the DG (Posts) and some Postal Service Board members for their cooperation.
No recruitment has been done in the Circle Administrative offices against the vacancies since 2011. When in most of the circles vacancies have been calculated taking into account the vacancies of 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, some circles although few in number have taken only the vacancies of 2014, which is not correct. Methodically, we must calculate the vacancies of four consecutive years and the summed up figure should be reflected against 2014.
The  following is the exact number of vacancies prevailing in the following circles. Circle Secretaries are requested to take note of the figures and to examine that the vacancies were shown properly by their respective circles and approved by the Directorate. If any deviation is there the same may be reported to the concerned authority.
Following is the exact No of vacancies in PACO cadre for Circle & Regional offices placed in the website of Department of Posts:

Andhra Pradesh: 45
Himachal Pradesh : 7
Odisha : 30
Assam : 18
Jharkhand : 9
Punjab : 8
Bihar : 11
Karnataka : 35
Rajasthan : 15
Chhattisgarh : 10
Kerala : 40
Tamilnadu : 52
Delhi: 40
Maharashtra : 38
Uttar Pradesh : 50
Gujarat : 15
Madhya Pradesh : 57
Uttarakhand : 12
Haryana : 19
North - East : 11
West Bengal : 42
Jammu & Kashmir : 8

In the mean time new recruitment rules for PACO cadre has been declared on 27.01.14. In our case the method of recruitment is 75% by direct recruitment and 25% by promotion through a limited Departmental Competitive Examination. Last Recruitment Rules for PACO cadre were framed in 1996 i.e. after a long span of 17 years we have got our another set of new Recruitment Rules.


P. Bhattacharjee

General Secretary 

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