Tuesday, April 8, 2014

No : AU/A-3/PLI-RPLI/ Dated 8.04.2014
Ms. P.Gopinath
Deptt. of Posts &
Postal Service Board
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001

Sub: - For immediate cancellation of the amendments of  Post Office Life                                          Insurance Rules 2011 made through the notification nos.  25-1/2011
      -LI (Part) dtd. 11.03.2014 and 14.03.2014.

Respected Madam,

                      This Union is really surprised and feels constraints knowing that further amendment in Post Office Life Insurance Rules 2011 has been done through two notifications 25-1/2011 LI (Part) dtd. 11.03.2014 and 14.03.2014  which has been done without consulting the staff side. We have been again and again protesting against decentralization of PLI-RPLI works from C.Os & R.Os and urging for centralization of the same in C.O.s, R.O.s and O/o the Director of Postal Life Insurance, Kolkata . PLI Dte. Notification no. 25-1/2001-LI (Part) dtd. 14.03.2014 raises many questions which can be summarized as follows:-

1.   It has been stated that Postmaster of CPCs of HOs headed by Sr. Postmaster /Head Postmaster  will have the Right to accept new proposals and settlement of maturity , survival  benefit claims upto 5 lakhs of sum assured .  It is beyond our comprehension that who would be the head of CPCs and who would be the authority to sign on the Policy documents !

2.     In Head Post Offices, Norm based Head Postmasters are there of HSG-1 and HSG-II status.

3.   In most of the Head Offices, Non-gazetted Head Postmasters are there and how they will accept the new proposals, issue the Policy documents and issue sanction memo in respect of settlement of maturity and survival benefits up to 5 lakhs? Whether any change in delegation of financial powers has been made?

4.   Limit of settlement of death claims up to 2 lakhs has been entrusted to the Postmaster of CPCs of
    Head Post Offices headed by Sr. Postmaster / Head Postmaster. Under what authority Non gazetted Head Postmasters will have the enhanced limit for settlement of such claims.

5.   Limits of sanction of loan against PLI/RPLI Policies have been entrusted to  the Head Postmasters of the CPCs irrespective of Loan amount. This is also very surprising as this is not only irregular but also will invite so many complaints.

6.  (A). There is another question to reckon with,  that whether such Non gazetted Postmasters have been authorized to accord sanction for Recurring and non- recurring  expenditure of the same amount of 5 lakhs / 2 lakhs etc as has been mentioned as the limit for acceptance of new proposals and settlement of maturity survival benefits claims by the Head Postmaster of the CPCs, especially Non-gazetted Postmasters of the CPCs . Regarding death claims also Head Postmaster of CPCs have been empowered up to 2 lakhs of sum assured.

For POSB death claim cases and Post office Savings Certificates Postmasters, even Senior Postmasters/ Head Postmasters have very limited powers , whereas in the amended POIF rules 2011  notified through PLI Dte.’s no. 25-1/2001-LI (Part) dtd. 14.03.2014, Postmasters have been vested with heavy financial powers although as you know that Postmasters are not well versed with the nitty-gritty  of insurance business and there is always a risk of fraud, that will prevail.

It is very surprising that without the necessary amendments in control and functioning and Delegation of financial powers,  all such amendments have been made.

(B). Whether the matter of control of CPCs by the Head Postmasters and Sr. Postmasters has been brought in the Memo of Distribution of Work .

Moreover, what is very surprising is, that without assessing the work load of Postmasters,  all such decision will spoil the growth and developments in the field of insurance business in these days of highly volatile and competitive environment. Postmasters are having the skill and experience to monitor the mail functioning and other Postal Operation including POSB and SC works since long and undeniably they are the experts in those fields.

Madam, We have already made you aware that when more than 250 posts of PACO and PARO have already been abolished vide Postal Dte. number 25-12/2008-PE-1 dtd. 19.11.2012, there has been , another order of PLI Dte. for diversion of 809 posts of PAs/Supervisors from PLI Section of Circle Administrative offices  of the entire country including DPLI office , Kolkata for the CPCs located at  Head Post Offices.

Through PLI Dte’s. letter no. 29-05/2009-LI dtd. 3.3.2014 PLI Dte. is making the functioning of Circle Administrative Offices blocked and thus throwing the offices in doldrums . What is the justification of such huge diversion of Posts and amending the rules in a most unscientific manner? Why PLI Dte. is in so much hurry, is beyond our comprehension.

If, recognized Federations and service unions are not consulted for major policy matters and transformational changes in their department, then what is the necessity of the democratic structures like the recognized federations, recognized unions and departmental councils? Should the federations and unions only survive for petty issues like transfer etc. and confined themselves within a coterie for such trivial issues which are having no bearing to detect the path of growth and development of our own Department of Posts.

For many  years and until recently , we were famous for our democratic values and mutual understanding and reached at a consensus  on many major issues confronting us through agreements etc. but sorry to say,  this time we are observing an exception to the earlier democratic values observed and discussions held. Instead, frequent whimsical decisions are being taken by the PLI Dte. without bothering least to the staff side demands raised from time to time by the recognized unions and by the recognized federations.

Therefore, you are requested to kindly intervene into the matter and prevail upon the PLI Dte. not to make such irrational and illogical amendments in Post Offices Life Insurance rules and we urge upon you to quash the order PLI Dte. immediately for the sake of PLI business  and arrange for discussion with the federations and our administrative union.

                                                   With Regards

                                                                                                                 Yours faithfully

Camp at Kolkata:-                                                                                         (Pranab Bhattacharjee)
O/o the C.P.M.G,                                                                                               General Secretary
W.B.Circle, Yogayog Bhawan                                                                       Mobile no. 09432208901


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