Friday, May 30, 2014


A delegation of NFPE headed by Secretary General Com M.Krishnan along with The General Secretaries of all wings including our General Secretary Com Pranab Bhattacharjee, appeared in the Office of the Pay Commission at the call of the Chairman of Pay Commission in Janpath Hotel, New Delhi at 10.30 AM on 29-05-2014 and met the 7th CPC Chairman Honourable Justice Mr A.K.Mathur and his members. The interactive session/meeting lasted for one and half hours. Various view points regarding the working condition and functioning of the Department of Posts were discussed which are summarised as follows:


1) Role and functioning of the Department of Post towards the people of India.

2) Various staffing pattern of our department.

3) GDS who run 128000 Post Offices-a factual account-and their sufferings. NFPE urges for bringing the GDS people within the ambit of 7th CPC.

4) Duties and responsibilities of various staff of the Department.

5) Their pangs and sufferings

6) Urging for upgradation of their pay sacles

7) Poor promotional Avenues for the Postal staff of different categories, with a special emphasis on the Grade Pay for MTS Grp-C employees(Rs 1800/- to 1900/- & Rs 1900/- to 2000/-, i.e. only a paltry amount of Rs 100/- in every 10 yrs)

8) Agonies and sufferings of Postman and their poor promotional avenues.

9) Specialities of the Assistants and supervisors and their poor promotional avenues and many other issues.

The concept of Pay Band and Grade Pay, whether beneficial, was also discussed.

The meeting ended at 12 o’clock with a cordial atmosphere. Employees organizations will further be asked for hearing.

Details will follow

* * *

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