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Half a day (1/2) workshop on 17-07-2014 for awareness on the roll out of “Core Insurance Solution””and creation of Central Processing Centres (CPC) at Head Office level.


This Union was represented by the General Secretary comrade Pranab Bhattacharjee and the DPLI Circle Union (NFPE) was represented by Comrade S.P.Mukherjee at the workshop on official invitation. The workshop was inaugurated by Mr Faiz-ur-Rehman, CGM (PLI), Mrs Sarita Singh, General Manager(PLI) and Mr Amitabh Singh, Addl General Manager (PLI).


In his introductory speech CGM (PLI) explained the purpose of arranging the workshop. Sri Amitabh Singh conducted a demonstration through slide show how the CPC will function at Head Offices with its broader objectives. The picture portrayed by Mc-camish software was displayed. Stage by stage demo was given. During the course of demo questions were raised by the union side which were replied by the PLI Directorate authority although sometimes not to the satisfaction of ours.


This Union raised questions in reply to CGM’s explanation that “to become closure to the customer, the CPCs are being set up”.  General Secretary questioned that India is a big country with nearly 6,00,000 Villages, 5086 towns and nearly 600 districts and so it is hardly possible to render service to the insurants, because we are having only 28000 departmental offices and nearly 127000 ED offices. Naturally, vast areas will remain uncovered.


This union raised the following points of information

  1. Proper accounting procedure is not maintained by the Mc-camish system.
  2. In Mc-camsh software, everyday batch run procedure is not possible.
  3. In Pondichery, one of the smallest divisions of Tamilnadu Circle , Mc-camish software was introduced in March-2014 but no policy acceptance is possible till now. After sales service totally failed.
  4. No provision exists for inclusion of monthly premium in respect of Pay Salary Scheme in Mc-camish software system.
  5. The figures shown as fresh policy documents taken and claim settlement done after introduction of Mc-camish software, are totally false figures.
  6. Out of 127 HOs where Mc-camish software acted upon, all are not in a position to send the net accretion report and many more details for many months. So investment of 127 HOs are not being done. Who is responsible for dead money? Whatever premium collected in 109 HPOs have become liabilities for the Department of Post as the insurants are expecting bonus as well as fresh value return. How the Department is going to meet the expectation? The fact is that Addl GM admitted that the software is not functioning in 128 CPCs due to some problems in system and that is why the CPCs have been kept on hold.
  7. If this is the grim picture of the Mc-camish software, why so much hurry in introduction of Mc-camish software in Head Offices after Feb’2013 with such hectic promptitude? Particularly when a leading bank like State Bank of India took more than 3 years, before it had finally chosen the new software.
  8. In southern states like Karnataka, Tmailnadu etc, PLI business is totally paralysed. Other states are also in bad condition. Insurants are in great distress. 
  9. This union urged for THIRD PARTY AUDIT to get the actual picture and complained that Circles are giving wrong reports.
  10.  In Tamilnadu and Karnataka, several oppressive measures have been taken by the authority to remove the files to divisions and vindictive actions are taken by the Tamilnadu Circle authority. In Karnataka PLI sign boards have been thrown out from the Circle Office Area. But what is the outcome of decentralization? Bonus rate has fallen for both PLI & RPLI, after sales service shattered. General Secretary strongly urged for installing Circle Processing Centres in 23 Circles including DPLI and in 37 Regional Offices i.e 60 more CPCs in addition to 809 CPCs to protect the interest of the insurants and save the PLI business. This union also urged for after sales services of RPLI are to be done by COs and ROs.
  11. Regarding DPLI office it was urged by the union that THIRD PARTY AUDIT system should be introduced and only the DPLI Office who has got the expertise knowledge should be entrusted with that work.
    It was suggested that the DPLI Office can be utilised as National Training Centre to train all sections of people for PLI & RPLI business and for research and development works which was long ago decided but no action has yet been taken.



General Secretary very strongly emphasized on restoring normalcy in Tamilnadu and Karnataka Circle and maintain amicable atmosphere in both Karnataka and Tamilnadu Circle. We asked about unusual delay in getting information about the meeting and the list of invitees in the meeting. No suitable reply was received. 


Circle Secretary, Karnataka Circle received the information of PLI Workshop at the last moment and that is why she could not attend it.

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