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Comrade M.Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE, & Secretary General, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees Unions & Associations, will be retiring on superannuation from Postal Service on this day of 30th August, 2014, being the last working day.

Comrade M.Krishnan entered in the Postal Department as PA at Perdala Post Office of Kannur Division in 1974 and ultimately became the General Secretary, P&T Coordination committee, Kerala for a vast stretch of years for the Steady growth of postal workers’ movement in particular and central Govt. employees movement in general. Besides an unique brand of performance, his untiring and dedicated efforts for both the Trade and for uniting the workers in all spheres, ultimately has made him a great Trade Union Leader. He emerged as all India Leader within a short span of years.

Since his joining in the erstwhile P&T Department in the year 1974, his dedicated service for the Trade & Union, has given a new dimension in the Postal Employees movement in particular and central Govt. employees in general. Such a great fighter for the causes of the Postal workers and for the workers of other segments, will now formally be retiring from the postal services, barely a day after creating a vacuum in this postal field.

His 4 years of service as Secretary General of NFPE is marked by a decisive drive for giving added momentum for modernisation in the Postal Department and growth in the postal services have given a feeling of glory amongst the people regarding the Postal Workers Movement throughout the country. His sensitive efforts to nurture nation wide awareness for the inner values of our postal workers struggle and martyrs’ sacrifice through sufferings, pain and trauma in the glorious postal movements of the past in chronological order through hectic campaigning throughout the country, has created a sensation amongst the rank and file of the postal workers of India. Not only that, his message for the promise, performance and prospects of the postal workers’ movement of India in many other parts of the world has definitely glorified our history of struggles and inspired many with the new enlightened ideas to rejuvenate the Postal Workers and other Central Government Employees in an environment of unenlightened democratic setup of this republic of India and thus helped to strengthen the base levels in every tiers i.e. villages, towns, districts, circles of the country.    

This Administrative Union records its full appreciation for the dedicative service of Com M.Krishnan as the Secretary General of NFPE. The Federation has scaled a new height with all its affiliates during his stewardship. Not only for the Departmental employees, his unique united approach for the Gramin Dak Sevaks and Casual labourers entered into a new chapter creating a separate dimension.

His significant endeavour is, to continue the legacy of Postal Workers’ Movement under the banner of Postal JCA with greater acumenship and farsighted progressive leadership keeping the identity of all the affiliated, non affiliated and other JCA organisations intact. Thus, a very balanced approach for preserving the sanctity of the individual organisations has caused significant breakthrough in uniting the workforce both in the Department of Posts and the other segments of CG Services. So many nationwide Strikes occurred since 2010.

In the struggle for formation of VIIth CPC, he played a significant role. The 2 days “Strike in February 2014 demanding the formation of the 7th CPC ultimately ensured the announcement of the 7th CPC which is one of the milestones in the annals of Central Government Employees Movement”.

Apart from enhancing the prestige and image of AIPEU Gr-C, he always tried to enhance the dignity of all the affiliates of NFPE and enhance the organising capacity of the leaders to the best of his abilities.

He contributed significantly in uniting all classes of workforce throughout the country and spent almost the entire part of his service life for making a belligerent struggle for the causes of the working class.

In the postal field also he pioneered so many strike calls for the demands like mass recruitment in the extent of 30% and his fight against closure of 9797 post offices and 300 RMS offices in the name of McKinsey Consultancy’s recommendations and very perfect evaluation of new postal policy through country wide campaigning, against privatization of postal services and cadre restructuring etc. have been the examples of his unbending and uncompromising stand which has a far reaching implication in the postal field.

Although he will be retiring on superannuation, yet for many years he will be the chief executive of the National Federation of Postal Employees and thus will guide us as the beacon light for all struggles for showing the proper path.

My deep association with Com. Krishnan was like brother and elder brother and many a times he guided me through the proper way which I could realise only after a certain span of time. I feel that he will still govern us as a strict guardian in days to come.

Although he is retiring from the service only in a routine manner his valuable suggestions, powerful opinions and leadership will enlighten us with new concepts and ideas. Let us confidently hope that he will command us as before as an able organiser and administrator for many more days and help us to fight for the just causes of the postal workers.   

A vibrant and challenging personality who has shaken up many sleeping workers and become in many ways a symbol of changing times, participated in important negotiations with extraordinary skill to achieve a positive result through the qualities of courage , self less service, sacrifice and determination.

This union expresses its warm regards and felicitations and wish him many more years of good health to fight for the working class of India.  

Pranab Bhattacharjee
(General Secretary)    

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