Thursday, December 18, 2014


The end of long running confusions regarding payment of salary and other personal claims to officials of Postal Department:- Sincerest thanks to the Ms. Kavery Banerjee, Secretary, Department of Posts.

The issue of payment of salary and other personal payments, although clearly defined by the Ministry of Finance, Gazette notification dated 30.03.2012 & Department of Expenditure, Controller General of Accounts O.M F. No. 1(I)/2011/TA/292 & 303 dated 31.03.2012 & 11.04.2012, was wrongly interpreted by the Postal Dte. to be made mandatory through bank including POSB electronically by issuing payment advice's through Postal Dte. OM no. 2-1/2007-08/PA/(Tech-I) D-473-524 dated 3.10.2012. This misinterpretation was creating much resentment among the postal workers throughout the country. Taking the advantage of the mandatory provisions of the Postal Dte's said order some officers of the the higher echelons of the administrations in some circles were forcing the employees to draw their salary through nationalized banks and even private banks, also without referring the area of confusion to the Postal Dte. although one or two CPMGs preferred to make an appeal to the staff.

Atlast, an order giving a specific and clear clarification, has come from the Postal Dte. through its OM no.2-1/2007-08/PA/(Tech-I) D-813-897 dated 11.12.2014, wherein it has been decided by DG Posts that ".....hence forth, all government servants of Department of Posts, are permitted to receive their salary by direct credit to their bank accounts or in cash or by cheque at their 'option' and payment other than salary like HBA above Rs 25,000 and all payments towards settlement of retirement/ terminal benefits such as gratuity, Commuted value of pension, encashment of leave salary, CGEGIS, withdrawal of general provident fund etc by issue of payment advices including electronically signed payment advices, cheque/POSB account or bank account " , much to the relief and satisfaction of large number of postal workers. 

But, the same order has not come all of a sudden. General Secretary of this union alongwith Com. R.N.Parashar, Secretary General (NFPE) and Com. Giriraj Singh, President (NFPE) met Ms. Kavery Banerjee, Secretary, Department of Posts on 12.11.2014 and apprised her of this issue that was causing problem to us. Moreover, she was addressed by this union through email on 19.11.2014 and by Speed Post on 20.11.2014 narrating details of the case and depicting our points of views alongwith copies of relevant orders. Many many thanks and gratitude to Ms. Kavery Banerjee, Secretary, Department of Posts for her endeavors to settle the long running confusions with promptitude through a correct interpretation.

Thus, an issue which created some unusual situations in some circles, has now been redressed. Our correspondence in/c/w the matter and the clarificatory order issued by the Dte. dated 11.12.2014 are depicted below:- 

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