Friday, February 27, 2015


Friends and Comrades, another light has gone out of our Trade Union Kingdom, especially for the entirety of the Central Govt. Workers of India. Our beloved leader, Com. S.K.Vyas is no more. His immense contributions in the field of Central Govt. employees’ movement for many decades, will always be remembered. He believed in critical scrutiny of our glaring problems and always tried to highlight our demands for long period in all fairness with reason and logic.

After 3rd Central Pay Commission’s report on 31.03.1973, many retrograde recommendations concerning minimum payscales and suggesting reduction in DA, pay fixation formula, annual increment, City allowance and even no increase in HRA rate etc. were created discontent amongst the employees. When leadership of Central Govt. Employees failed to unitedly protest against those retrograde recommendation and many of them even were not agreed to further raise those glaring issues like :

1.    Need based minimum wages.
2.    Automatic DA formula.
3.    Bonus for all. --- It was under the leadership of Com. S.K.Vyas , Confederation of Central Govt. Employees Unions & Association assembled at Jaipur on 15th  & 16th April,1973 took a firm decision to achieve those demands and given an agitational programme in a phased manner. Ultimately, the employees achieved Bonus and improved DA formula etc. after a long span of years only through continuous struggles.

It was the same Comrade S.K.Vyas , who contributed a lot before the Central Pay Commissions including the 7th CPC and given a call for an united struggle in the light of 7th CPC until the demands are achieved, as he believed that the “Ruling classes have scant regard for democratic means of discussion and settlement”.

His indepth analysis from 1st CPC to 6th CPC and stirring call “Be prepare for another long struggle” in various recently held Trade Union workshops of CCGEW in the light of his own opinion , “ The history of all Pay Commissions and settlement has been come out only through series of industrial actions and united movement “, proves his farsightedness. Thus, Com. S.K.Vyas proved himself as one of the finest leaders, who were concerned with past, while remained extremely sensitive to the present conditions.

Even at his age of 85+, he helped in preparation of memorandum on behalf of National Council of JCM and Confederation of Central Govt. Employees. He attended and strongly inspired the thousands and thousands of employees with the reasons and logic for 7th CPC in various rallies gatherings and Parliament Marches in 2012,2013,2014, will be a permanent record and become the beacon light for us.

We feel extremely sorry when we feel that we shall not see him again as we have seen him for these many years in Parliament Marches, rallies and processions, seminars and JCM Meetings of National Council. When there was so much for him to do for us and when we are faced with so many challenges, his not being with us is a blow,most terrible to bear. We shall not rush to him for advice and seek solace from him, that is a terrible blow to us.   

     He will be remembered for his unceasing efforts for raising the voice of the Central Govt. Employees’ in various forums. He enriched our rallies, meetings,seminars and workshops held in recent times and his brilliant analysis on different Pay Commissions and brilliant deliberations before the 7th CPC and before Nation Council of JCM meetings and on anomaly committee meetings with his dispassionate espousal of Central Govt Employees’ causes, his eloquent oratory, subtle and penetrating wit, will be remembered and felt. His simplicity, democratic outlook and deep commitment to moral values will have a lasting impression in our mind.

     This organisation extends its heart felt condolences to all the members of his family and share this agonising moment alongwith his innumerable admirers and followers.

      But at this grief-stricken moment, the best and fitting tribute to Comrade S.K.Vyas would be, to act and agitate as per his clarion call, “Be prepare for another long struggle” and thus to mobilise the Central Govt Employees’ to achieve our demands raised before the 7th CPC.

      With this intention the leadership and workers throughout the county should mobilize themselves and waste no time for a countrywide indefinite strike from 6th May’15 called by the postal workers under the banner of Join Council of Action to exhibit and inspire all segments of workers of all Central Govt. Ministries and Departments for a greater form of struggle in days to come.


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