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AU/CHQ/Circular/2015                                                       Dated 15-06-2015


    All Circle/Regional Secretaries/Secretary PTCs of NFPE affiliated Unions.

Dear Comrades/Friends/Colleagues

                Perhaps you all have taken up the task of submitting declaration collecting from our valued members. Only twenty days are left. The fresh verification of membership is an important task before us. Take up the challenge and contact Regional Secretaries over phone and if required through personal presence complete the process by 30th June, 2015 although letter of authorization are to be submitted to the DPS upto 6th July, 2015. Strictly avoid denial of membership to any one as per the decision of Federal Secretariat as it would be viewed seriously by the CHQ Previous circular in this connection regarding our very positive lines of arguments may also be consulted.

                We should not forget that we had inherited the glory and tradition Babu Tarapada Mukherjee, the father of the great P&T movement. Our rich ancestors were Comrade V.G. Dalvi, Dada Ghosh, K.G. Bose, N.J. Iyer, K. Adinarayan, K.L. Moza, Com. M. Krishnan still piloting our movements as the Secretary General of Confederation of Central Government Employees’ Unions and Associations.

                 It is through their long struggles, we have done a lot of things to mitigate the sufferings. Their sacrifices in the form of dismissal from service, reduction of pay in three stages, reversion to lower category, break in service withholding of promotions and dies-non etc have improved our standard of living through better wages and other benefits.

(1)        Revisions of Pay Scales, Distinction in Leave and Pension/Medical Rules between Lower Grade Staff and Superiors were abolished.
(2)        Gratuity, Festival Advance, Minimum wages, full neutralization of DA, change in DA formula, Abolition of efficiency Bar, Bonus for Postal Employees, two promotions, removal of Bonus ceiling in 1996, immediate filling up of vacant posts, against downsizing, Today’s Child Care Leave, three promotions, Scrapping of new Pension Scheme and against Postal Bill and so on and so forth NFPE/NFPTE conducted so many struggles. Indefinite Strike of 1960, 1 day Strike of 19th Sept,1968 and historic indefinite Strikes in 1993,1997,1998 and 2000 added further momentum. We have organized about 15 one day Strikes from 1992 to 2014 and achieved so many demands. 

                 NFPE is the only organization which is consistently fighting against Neo Liberal Economic policies of Government of India. It is because of NFPE we could stop the closure of 9797 Post Offices and RMS Offices, Continuous struggle demanding constitution of 7th CPC ultimately compelled the Govt. of India to form the 7th CPC on 28th February, 2014.

                 Our struggle is still continuing for scrapping of New Pension Scheme, bringing the GDS within the ambit of 7th CPC, Revision of Wages for casual, part time & Contingent Employees.

                 For our Administrative Union, NFPE, we could achieve framing of New Recruitment Rules after a lapse of 18 years on 27th January, 2014. Our continuous demand for holding of Recruitments in the cadre of PACO also by Staff Selection Commission, has very recently been notified along with PA/SA/PA SBCO Cadres. Our struggle for eradication of MACP Anomalies in Fixation of Pay is still continuing. Our demand pointing out the anomalies in fixation of Pay of MTS, who were granted ACP-I & ACP-II up gradation prior to 01-01-2006 and thereafter, ultimately compelled the Postal Dte. to issue another clarificatory order on 3rd November, 2013 causing relief for MTS in many Circles.

                 Our continuous fight with very strong logical explanations against Decentralization of PLI works started in 2003, is still on. We are fighting against diversion of 615 posts from Circle Administrative Offices including the DPLI Office and against harassment of staff of some of Circle Administrative Offices. In the preparation of memorandum for 7th CPC, we have taken a very strong and leading role. For submission of proposal for Cadre-restructuring, we have played a leading role.

                We are the only organization i.e - AIPAOEU Gr. C & D, NFPE who is representing in the Departmental Council. Our demand for recruitment of MTS in Circle Administrative Offices, has now been well recognized.

                We have settled regarding admissibility of Third Financial Up-gradation in r/o seniority of the erstwhile UDCs in some Circles through our own efforts. On the basis of our complaint regarding unusual delay in holding DPCs in the cases of the posts of LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I, Postal Directorate ordered for filling up of those Posts vide its order bearing No. 137-15/2014-SFB-II Dtd. 29th, May,2014.

                It is through sustained efforts of ours only, Payment of Salary by cash or through Cheque/Electronically through Bank instructions, was ordered vide Postal Dte’s letter no. 2-1/2007-08 (Tech-I) dated 11-12-2014 upholding the correct interpretations..  

                We have written against issuance of the Postal Directorate’s order bearing No. A-34013/05/2014-DE Dated 27-04-2015 through which appointment process of successful candidates has been held up and requested to the Secretary, Posts, for expeditious settlement through our Union’s letter bearing No. AU/PACO Results/Corr/2014-15 Dated 02-06-2015.

                Now, the threat in the form of Recommendations of Task force headed by Shri TSR subramanian is strongly being felt, as he recommended division of Postal department in 6 companies, out of which only one company of Mail & Delivery will be Govt. Company and others will work as Corporations. Besides those problems, so may other demands are still pending. Only the NFPE-is a non-affiliated Federation and all other federations are affiliated to Political Trade Union Centres.

               How can you forget the opinions of the Nobel Prize winner for economics in 2001 Mr. Joseph E-Stilitz and who was also the Ex-Chief economist at the World Bank :- “And yet, our attitude toward Unions has been the opposite. They are vilified, and in many States there are explicit attempts to undermine them, but there is no recognition of the important role that they can play in countervailing other special interests and in defending the basic social protections,that are necessary if workers are to accept change and to adjust to the changing economic environment.”   

               The situation cannot be changed without the NFPE emerging as the strongest 1st Union in all Cadres and categories because to fight against the Neo-liberal Policies, we need the strongest NFPE to combat day to day issues.

               Our organization – the All India Postal Administrative Offices Employees Union Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ secured 68.96% in the last verification process of 2010. Increase it to the maximum possible extent narrating the problems that we had taken up to mitigate the sufferings of the Staff of Circle Administrative Offices. Definitely, we do not demand that we have settled everything. Little done, the vast undone. Make this organization from stronger to strongest to unfurl our flag for justice.


1.   Give declarations in support of this Union, duly signed by the Director, SR& Legal. The form can be downloaded from NFPE website, become vigilant upto 6th July. Send SMS or talk over phone in case of any difficulty.
2.   Submit declarations to the respective Director of Postal services latest by 06-07-2015. Form will be signed at two places. The name of the Union should also be correctly written – AIPAOEU Group ‘C’ & erstwhile Group ‘D’.
3.   Submit the list in triplicate to the respective DPS duly signed by the Authorized Office bearer of this Union on each page of the list containing names of the members.
4.   Vigilantly watch the scrutiny by the authority to protect our membership and do nt hesitate to oppose in writing against any unlawful action taken by Special Officer appointed by the Chief PMG, if any such decision become biased or indicate favoritism exhibited by the Authority.
5.   Tell every employee not to sign for more than one Union, as it would make him/her to become non member.
6.   Encourage members to write a complaint if his signature is forged or forcibly taken by other Union before 06-07-2015.
7.   Inform CHQs and NFPE, immediately on exhibition in the Notice Board by the concerned Authority – DPS during 07.07.2015 to 08.07.2015 about the exact no. of membership of each and every organization participating in the verification process. This is must.
9.    Recovery of subscriptions will be started from July, 2015 by the respective DDOs.             

                     Subscription rate for PACO/Supervisors is Rs 40/- PM and that of erstwhile Group ‘D’/MTS is Rs 20/- only.
                     With heartiest greetings.

                                                                      (Pranab Bhattacharjee)
                                                                      General secretary

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