Friday, October 28, 2016

As new General Secretary, I shri Umasankar Chakraborty have, taken over the charge from my predecessor Shri Pranab Bhattacharjee at a very crucial point of time, when we are bedevilled with innumerable problems haunting for many years, which need to be redressed through our strong arguments and struggle. This task is not easy and required continuous persuasion.

Problems emanated from decentralization of PLI & RPLI cases and sufferings of the insurants, is our first item of agenda which need expeditious settlement. Identity of PACO cadre although established after our long and sustained struggle, yet the crisis is not over because of complicated mentality of a section of people at the higher echelons of the administration and a section of our people who are not unaware of the consequences.

Harassment and victimization of our staff in circle administrative offices need to be stopped.

Cadre restructuring has not yet been achieved. Huge shortage of staff in circle administrative offices and change of syllabus and pattern of LGO exam require continuation of persuasion.

Protection and job security of the staff of O/o the DPLI along with the Circle Administrative Offices, should be our priority.

Our young generation who after a long struggle by our NFPE and CHQ (since 2003), are now joining in our Department as PACOs and MTSs in Circle Administrative Offices require to be made aware of glorious struggle that our ancestors and we organised, otherwise they will misunderstand us. They may sometimes suffer from hallucination effect due to emerging technological changes and may be delinked from the stark realities of which they may not be escaped in the long run, need to be convinced that too stronger unions and better educational awareness only, might mitigate the consequences of skill biased technological changes that would be thrown upon them with the gradual span of time. To protect and defend their jobs and services, they will have to fight by joining in the mainstream movement so that they can rise to the occasion. Senior workers should have more cautious approach in this regard to set examples before them.       

We should not expect our path to be strewn with flowers of popular applause, but through so many odds we shall have to move forward with the flags of our mighty National Federation of Postal Employees.

Just yesterday we got an enhancement of bonus ceiling for our GDS employees from Rs 3500/- to Rs 7000/- due to the constant and years long struggle by our Federation along with us.

Let us move forward with a strong determination and will-power and victory will definitely be of ours.


With revolutionary greetings.

Umasankar Chakraborty

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