Friday, October 7, 2016


The 30th All India Conference of All India  Postal Administrative Offices’ Employees’ Union Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ was held on and from 26th Sept, 2016 to 27th Sept,2016 at M.P. Club, North Avenue, New Delhi 110001.
Secretary , Department of Posts greeted the conference through email and expressed shock to attend the conference due to prior engagement. He wished the conference a success.Com. R.N.Parashar, Secretary General, National Federation of Postal Employees, inaugurated the conference on 26th Sept,2016. He explained the policy of Modi Govt. regarding job sinkage. He said central Govt. is inviting foreign investors instead of national investors. Privatisation and outsourcing of the Govt. and Semi Govt. departments are the objectives of Govt. Of India, He added. For Postal Department he stressed that multi directional attacks are coming. He lamented that for GDS nothing has been achieved and without struggle we can not achieve anything, he empathised.He narrated how the formation of 7th CPC was done and subsequently inspite of the best efforts exerted by the Federation and its affiliates, the 7th CPC recommendations betrayed the faith of the central Govt. workers with many anti employees recommendations. He also informed the house of future  course of actions and agitation programs. Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees being the main speaker narrated in details the chronological events of Central Govt. Employees movements over various demands from the early stage to the current benefits that we have been enjoying by the leadership of Confederation. He cited the program of action taken by the Confederation for creating pressure on the then UPA Govt. for formation of the 7th CPC and there after how with the formation of the 7th CPC in Feb’14, the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees Unions and Workers and National Federation of Postal Employees played a decisive role for preparation of common charter of demands and subsequent recommendations of the 7th CPC and thereafter.  He clearly stated that if the Govt. of India is not adhering to the commitments that they have made before the staff side , then  the central Govt. employees in its entirety will agitate over the matters and will not hesitate to build up a strong movement including nation wide strike.

Regarding Administrative Union Com. Krishnan pointed out that while 75% of the Administrative workers are belonging to NFPE symbolising quantitative aspect of the Administrative workers through the country, but the quality of them is to be improved also as far as the participation in the nation wide strikes are concerned.

Com. Giriraj Singh, President NFPE and Gen. Sec. RMS Union , class III greeted the AIC and stressed for strengthening the ensuing struggle by massive participation of the administrative workers.

Com P. Suresh, Gen. Sec. R4 and MTS greeted the AIC and appealed the leadership of the administrative union  New Delhi to strengthen the organisation so that the Delhi Comrades can help the Administrative union for their functionings. He requested the comrades of administrative union to join in the main struggle in a massive scale.

Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee, Sec. Gen. Civil Accounts expressed his great pleasure getting the opportunity of addressing the AIC. He stressed for strong unity and awareness for building up forthcoming nationwide movement against the odd parts of 7th CPCs recommendation and denial of various allowaces.

General Secretary read out draft Biennial Report discussing salient points and invited the circles through the President of the organisation to initiate discussions. Circle Secretaries, Regional Secretaries and CHQ office bearers participated in the discussion. The main issues which were discussed are as follows::

  1. All India Conference of this mighty organisation will have to be conducted by the concerned circles in an alphabetical order and no one can escape out the responsibility .
  2. Eligibility for LGO examination for the graduate MTS should be reduced and instead of existing 5 years they should be allowed to appear at the LGO examination just after conformation.
  3. For promotion to LSG, HSG –II and HSG – I posts the eligibility criteria in respect of length of service should be reduced.
  4. In CPC and CBS CO officials should work.
  5. Paucity of staff in Circle offices in PACOs and MTS need to be taken  on urgent basis.
  6. Vehement protest against decentralisation of PLI and DPLI was raised.
  7. Experience of Mc-Camish and its dismal performance were highlighted.
  8. MACP anomalies in respect of promotees and MTS staff were discussed vividly.
  9. Violation of Central Union’s directives by Postal Administration was expressed seriously by many of the circles.
  10. Status and dignity of the staff of Cicle Administrative offices need to be protected.

Some resolutions were taken on the following issues::

  1. Periodicity to appear at LGO Examination by the MTS for Circle offices to be reduced.
  2. LSG, HSG – II and HSG –I - Promotion against those norm based posts – eligibility criteria should be changed.
  3. Centralisation of CPC work in Circle Administrative offices need to be implemented with promptitude as Mc- Camish has measurably failed.
  4. Circle office officials should be allowed to work in CPC and CBS located at COs and ROs.
  5. MACP anomalies.
  6. Immediate filling up of vacant posts in COs and ROs for PACOs and MTS.

While replying the various problems raised by the Circle Secretaries, Regional Secretaries and CHQ office bearers, Com. Pranab Bhattacharjee, General Secretary said that CHQ had already taken up most of the issues as raised by the Leadership of Circle and Regions with the postal services board. He said however next Newly elected Body will look after the unfinished jobs. Com. B.C. Deca, V.P, declared that next AIC would be held in Assam in 2018. Telengana Circle proposed that the next Central Working committee meeting may be held in Visskhapatnam.

While the formation of constitution of new set of office bearers came, the following office bearers unanimously elected from the conference for the years 2016-18. 

Com. N. Jagdish (Telengana Circle), Com. D. Parameshwar Rao (VSKP Region, AP Circle), Com. Ashok Kr Rai (UP Circle) were elected unanimously as the Federal Councillors. The house unanimously elected Com. P. Bhattacharjee (Ex. GS), Com. K. Ramchamdram (Ex. Predident) and Com. T.N. Poddar (Mujaffarpur Region) as the Special Invitees for the year 2016-18. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the chair.

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