Thursday, October 13, 2016

Respectful tribute to Comrade Deshraj Sharma, Ex-GS&DeputySecretary General ,NFPE

Respectful tribute to Comrade Deshraj Sharma: I had long association with him since 1993.Ex-GS&DeputySecretary General ,NFPE was having a commanding voice over P-4 organisation & over the NFPE as a whole for many decades. His domination over the leaders and convincing attitude over the youngest was a rarely found phenomenon .Under the veil of strictness his soft and tender feelings always attracted many of us. Many people might have misunderstood him on occasions, yet such attitude made the organisation strong. His death is a terrible blow to us.His lamenting over the glorious historical perspective made us enriched. Lastly, When I saw him in the CWC of P-4,his spirited deliberation in the meeting made us surprised. After July,2016, his end came on 24thSeptember night, it is an unexpected blow for all of us. His voice of concern and advice at crucial points of times shall be missing for ever. We shall no longer seek solace from him. May his soul rests in peace. 


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