Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Farewell to our beloved leader Com R.Seethalakshmi, General Secretary, All India Postal Employees Union Postmen and MSE/Gr ‘D’,  on the occasion of her retirement from service on superannuation on 31-05-2017.

Our beloved leader and first women General Secretary, Com R. Seethalakshmi is retiring on superannuation from Postal Services on this day of 31st May, 2017 after an unblemished service of almost 4 decades. Com Seethalakshmi started her carrier as a humble beginner and became emerged as Postman, symbol Indian Postal Services and a brand ambassador of the Govt of India. Born in a very simple and poverty-stricken family, her fight for existence both in the society and as an individual made her attracted by one and all.

Her down to earth attitude, besides an unique brand of performance and her untiring and dedicated efforts for both the trade and uniting the workers in all spheres ultimately made her a popular leader.

Her sensitive efforts for creating national awareness for the inner value of the Postal Workers’ struggle and a vivid account of sacrifices during various popular movements including the political ones in a state like Karnataka made her really a shinning leader.

Her association with Com K. Adinarayan, doyen of Postal Workers movement influenced her a lot with an added background of leftist lineage made her great leader.

This administrative union records their full appreciation for the dedicated brand of cooperation that she extended to her organization in every field. Her all-time alertness regarding the day to day problems emerged in different circles and national level, ever be remembered. A very dedicated and a belligerent attitude with a struggling pattern of living made her popular as the first lady General Secretary. She has taken a lot of initiatives to fulfil the aspirations of all her members, especially in the light of glaring problems confronted by the Postmen and MTS has made her the forerunner. Her contribution for the preparation of the memorandum and the oral evidences before the 7th CPC, will always make her the beacon light. Her nearly 5yrs of the service as the General Secretary in these days of tumultuous crisis and neoliberal policies in the face of threat of existence of the working class, is an ideal example for all of us. She was a very good friend of ours and always extended great cooperation for administrative union, even sending of mails for our organization in the event of crises, will always be remembered.

Her befitting struggles and participation in all the strikes both at the Circle and National level at a stretch for many decades, even during the month of March, 17 symbolizes her belligerent mood in all the national struggles. Although she is retiring from service only in a routine manner, her valuable suggestions, powerful opinions and leadership will enlighten us with new concepts and ideas from time to time.

Let us confidently hope that she will guide the organization as before as an able organizer for many more days and help the working class to fight for the just causes of the Workers.

This Union expresses its warm regards and felicitations and wish her many more years of good health to fight for the working class of India.   



  1. On behalf of Karnataka admin union I wish com. Seethalakshmi a very very happy retired life.

  2. On behalf of Karnataka admin union I wish com. Seethalakshmi a very very happy retired life.