Monday, July 22, 2013

Ms. P. Gopinath,
Secretary, Department of Post &
Chairman, Postal Services Board,
New Delhi – 110001.
No.-AU/A-3/PLI-RPLI                                                       DTD:  22-07-2013

Sub – Appeal for conversion of Circle Administrative Offices as Central Processing Centres.

Respected Madam,
          This has the reference to my letter of even number dated 08/07/2013 where in I had pointed out some problems in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu circle emanated from the violation of the agreement against item no. 7 “Decentralisation of PLI/RPLI”  wherein in the minutes of the meeting taken by the secretary  (Posts), Postal Service Board with Postal Joint Council of Action on 10/1/2012 and 12/1/2012 in Dak Bhawan, circulated vide Dte’s No. 08/15/2011-SR Dtd the 16th January, 2012, Circle/Regional Office branches of PLI were permitted to accept, process and service the policies relating to their Headquarter Cities where they were located. Even in the meeting of 21/5/2012 with Postal Joint Council of Action and in the Departmental Council Meeting of JCM held on 28/12/2012, the same view was upheld.
          When this is the fact, Karnataka Circle is blatantly violating the agreement and Tamil Nadu circle is also following the same line creating tormenting discontentment’s amongst the peace loving sober people. In the mean time another problem has emerged due to sudden issuance of a D.O. letter by Chief General Manager, PLI Directorate Mr. Faizur Rehman addressing all the CPMG’s and PMG’s by name, in the name of implementation of India Post Project, 2012 some 08 Post Offices in 07 Circles , i.e. Rajasthan, Delhi, Assam, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh have become the part of the pilot project. It has also been hinted in that letter that the rest of the circles would be rolled out in early part of 2014 as part of phase II.
          In the same D.O. it has been intimated that “All case files of PLI and RPLI should be segregated Head Post Office wise (PAO wise). For insurance purpose these H.P.O’s are called Central Processing Centre (C.P.C.).”
          Madam, there lies the problems. Head Post Offices should not be termed as Central Processing Centres. Further, P.A.O. means the office of the GM (PAF), rather it would be better if those Head Post Offices work as “Processing Centres” only (PC) and not as CPC. All the 22 Circle Offices along with the 37 Regional Offices country wide, totalling 59, should be termed as Central Processing Centres, as the Circle Administrative Offices can run in a centralised procedure

to collect the data of all sorts, Head Post Office wise. Moreover important points of information like premium income, actual business target of PLI in crore, actual target achieved etc., are collected circle wise only and not as per Head Post Office’s wise.
          This Union has been requesting time and again for involving the PA’s (CO/RO) who are young and technically qualified in the ongoing / proposed Technology up gradation and CBS sectors. These young work force exclusively recruited for CO/RO during the past few years are found to be well qualified (B.E. and M.C.A. graduates) and amenable to work in highly technologically supported field are certainly an asset to the department of posts, which now-a-days, is thriving hard for acquiring and adopting modern technology to render a better service to the insurance and common man.  Therefore, we request you Circle Administrative Offices including RO’s can play an important role in PLI/RPLI modernisation as these works are continued to be monitored and managed by the Circle Offices and Regional offices.
Lastly, I again request your kind self to term every Circle and Regional Office as Central Processing Centre and every Head Office should be termed as Processing Centres.
We feel, if these points are considered in this light of facts narrated above, it will increase the growth of PLI business to its extreme point due to already “in built” infrastructure and expertise knowledge of the Circle Administrative Offices including R.O.’s. Moreover space inadequacy can easily be solved.
In this connection, it is further to be noted that the agreement which has already been made by your kind self and Postal Board with Postal Joint Council of Action on 10/01/2012 and 12/01/2012, would also be honoured.
Madam, expecting you to respond favourably taking all those factors in account.
With respectful regards.
Yours faithfully,

Pranab Bhattacharjee.
(General Secretary)


  1. It is high time that that CHQ acts quickly on this issue. Otherwise it is deathknell for CO/RO offices

  2. TN/Karnataka Circles are already decentralising the PLI work now being done in CO related to City areas. The CHQ should take up this case strongly with Directorate,