Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tributes to the martyrs of Glorious struggle of Central Government Employees which commenced from 11th July 1960 to 16th July 1960

        Today is the 53rd anniversary of that glorious struggle and it continued for 5 days on the basic demands of the workers.


Major demands of Central Govt. Employees

Resultant effect as a whole not as per chronological order
1) Pay  DA  to Central Govt. employees according to the Varadachari commission’s  formula
10,000 people dismissed
2) One day rest in a week for every Central Govt. employee
15,000 worker got severe deterrent punishment and jail
3) Minimum pay as per 15th Indian labour Commission report should be fixed at Rs125
20,000 people arrested

4) Conformation immediately after one year service
25,000 employees were dismissed on false charges.
5) Improved pay scale for the Central Govt. Employees.
Lathi Charges and Police firing had taken toll of 4 Railway employees
6) Rate of increment should be increased
DG P&T de-recognized our organisation. As a result victimisation issue could not be raised in the parliament for some months.
7) Improve pay fixation formula of pay for the Central Govt. Employee and for the pensioners
29th April 1963, as aftermath of strike, workers' right for self defense was taken away.

                This largest strike of Central Govt. Employee was suppressed by the government by various repressive measures as mentioned above. But the worker never surrendered. Although just after the strike of 1960, we did not achieve anything but subsequently we achieved all such demands, which we are enjoying.

                No sacrifice goes in vain.

               On this day our revolutionary salutes to all those comrades who sacrificed their valuable life at the altar of struggle. Red Salute to those Comrades.

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