Sunday, November 3, 2013

     CWC of Administrative union (NFPE) held 

   at Ranchi

Central Working Committee Meeting of ALL INDIA POSTAL ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES’ EMPLOYEES’  UNION, GR “C” & “D” was held at Ranchi GPO conference hall on 23rd and 24th September, 2013.  Comrade M. Krishnan, Secretary General, National Federation of Postal employees & Confederation of Central Govt. Employees inaugurated the CWC Meeting.  Shri K.K.Sinha, Postmaster General (BD & Marketing), Jharkhand Circle spoke on the occasion and expressed his hope for golden days in the face of IT Modernization.  Comrade M. Krishnan expressed his opposition of New Postal Policy, 2012 on some scores and opposed privatization of Postal Services in the Socio-Economic set up of India and feared that it would badly hamper the interests of the rural customers and thus, increase the sufferings of 80%people of India.
The meeting was attended by around forty (40) delegates from the States of Andhra, Assam, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Orissa Tamilnadu, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal. 
Delegate session was initiated by General Secretary who had requested the speaker to discuss over the issues mentioned in the draft report under caption “Our organization-CHQ” and also invited discussions regarding participation of the administrative office workers in the strikes called by NFPE and JCA.
Com. B.C. Deca of Assam Circle expressed their comrades’ concern over anti NFPE attitude of postal administration of Assam. He said indefinite strike decision has been taken in their circle with effect from 22.10.11.Com Deca reported many Dos, PLI are not getting incentives from PLI business and non release of incentives for PLI work for more than 2 years causing discouragement amongst the Development Officers, PLI.  
Com. M.Z. Khan of Jharkhand Circle said that during creation of Jharkhand Circle bifurcating Bihar Circle, 17 PACOs were ordered to be diverted. But the all the  posts of PACOs were not diverted. He narrated regarding cramped accommodation of Circle office of Jharkhand. Comrades of Gujarat Circle said that although some PACOs were ordered to be diverted to be sent to the divisions from Circle office due to decentralization of PLI works to the divisions, the order was subsequently cancelled after prolonged discussions with the circle administration. They expressed concern over irregular recovery order given against Multi Tasking Staff due to subsequent issue of an order dated 18.07.2011 issued by the Department Of Posts.
Com. P. Satheesh Kumar of Kerala expressed concern over Kerala Postal Circle Administration’s decisions over transfer of PLI case files to the Head Offices by 31st October,2013 in spite of no infrastructure at the postal divisions. Regarding recovery of MTS for incremental benefit, people had gone
to CAT and taking CAT’s interim order, their pay had been fixed. 13 PACO posts were lying vacant in Kerala Circle in the cadre of PACO and 3 posts were filled up after clearance of vacancies on relaxation ground.
Com. Narayanmurthy of Karnataka Circle expressed concern over huge shortage of staff in PACO cadre and MTS cadre. He reported that 28 vacant posts were there for PACO cadre and 4 vacant posts for

MTS cadre. He express apprehension that some hidden agenda from the Postal Directorate was there regarding functioning of the Circle Office. He also reported that so many case files relating to PLI had been sent to the Head Offices and administration assured that those files would be brought back after the works relating to sanitization of data is completed, but there lies a doubt. He pointed out cramped regarding cramped accommodation in circle office. He also pointed out that the problems like no ladies tiffin room, no  recreation club room and no union room were there in Karnataka Circle causing inconveniences for their staff. Com. Secretary General  assured to take up the issues in the departmental council meeting. He expressed concern for the people working on deputation in SK Region’s regional office as they are being utilized for running the offices during the strike period.
Com. U.S. Chakraborty of DPLI office expressed his concern over irregular order of recovery from MTS people for pay fixation. Com U.S.Chakraborty told that Deptt has been investing the net accretion of PLI & RPLI everyday in stock market by two fund managers w.e.f Nov’2009 as Ministry of Finance denied to bear with the interest on the net accretion but the fate and picture of the matter is not known to the staff side.  
Com. S.K. Verma, Circle Secretary , M.P. Circle said that the agility of the staff for participation in the strike in M.P. Circle as a whole has very much been hampered due to victimization P3 Circle Secretary, Com. John in a strike in the past and since then percentage of participation in the strikes has very much been disturbed and reduced. He also narrated the problems of shortage of staff and urged for redressal of the problem.
Com. S.P. Mukherjee of DPLI, Kolkata said that the organizational condition is not so good as it was before. Strength of staff has become less. He hope that if we can create pressure we can win. He opined that the decentralization of PLI work should immediately be stopped. Circle offices ,Regional Offices and DPLI office should immediately be converted as Central Processing Centers. Filling up of the vacant posts in PACO cadre is another problem for which we are feeling the pinch. In the DPLI office accounts works are being closed. Financial review work may be stopped at any point of time. Interests of the staff of the DPLI office, Kolkata and existence of DPLI office, Kolkata should be protected at all cost.
Com. Raghupati Uma Sankar, Circle Secretary of Tamilnadu Circle said that SC-ST association in Tamilnadu Circle is very active. He said that free business level of 9 Crores for Development officers is too high and it should be reduced to previous level of 4 Crores. DOs, PLI should be attached with the Circle Office only and not with the Head Offices. Regarding Central Processing Centers he said that no discussion
was ever held regarding formation of Central Processing Centers. In spite of no such agreement and in this days of Information Technology there is no need for formation of Central Processing Centers at Head Offices and PLI works should be centralized in the Circle Administrative Offices for the convenience of the insurants. All Circle Administrative Offices including the regions should be converted to Central Processing Centers. He pointed out that huge shortage of staff was another formidable problem confronting the circle administrative offices.
Delegates from all over the country expressed their serious concern over the issues like lightening the importance of Circle Administrations offices, MACP-Anomalies, Fixation of pay of MTS who were granted ACP-I and II prior to 01.01.2006, huge shortage of staff in C.Os and R.Os in PACO cadre,

Recruitment of MTS in C.Os & R.Os, random outsourcing, delay in filling up of LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I vide vacant posts, stop PLI-RPLI decentralization urged converting the C.Os and R.Os and O/o DPLI as Central Processing Centres and against New Postal Policy,2012.  General Secretary replied on all major issues and stressed for stronger organization.  Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General elaborately explained the sacrifices made by our ancestors at the cost of whom we are getting Holiday, Bonus, Leave, two Promotions, three Promotions Child Care Leave, better pay increment and many other fringe benefits.
Leaders of postal Class-III, MTS and Postmen, RMS Class-III and confederation greeted on the occasion.
Com. M.Z.Khan, Vice-President of the union, was the convener.  CWC adopted some important resolutions.
Delegates all over the country greeted Com. M.Z.Khan & all other comrades of Jharkhand for making the CWC a grand success.

                                                                                                                                  Pranab Bhattacherjee
          General Secretary
Copy to:
  1. The Secretary General, NFPE.
  2. All CHQ office bearers.
  3. All Circle Secretaries, AIPAOEU.
  4. All Regional Secretaries, AIPAOEU.

                                                                                                                                  Pranab Bhattacherjee
          General Secretary

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