Friday, May 2, 2014

Regarding PLI/RPLI decentralization

General Secretary himself along with Comrade Giriraj Singh, President NFPE & General Secretary of RMS-3 & Comrade R.N.Parasar, Asstt. Secretary General, NFPE met Ms. Anjali Devashar, Member PLI on 22.04.2014 at 3 P.M & strongly opposed the hasty & hectic steps taken by PLI Dte. since February, 2013 & referred this union’s letters issued earlier & on 24th March, 2014 & 8th April, 2014 and urged for immediate cancellation of the amendments of Post Office Life Insurance Rules 2011 made through notification numbers 25-1/2011 LI (Part) dated 11.03.2014 & 14.03.2014. It was also questioned that when for 28 Crores of SB accounts and nearly 5 Crores of Savings Certificates only 22 Central Processing Centres have been opened,  the logic of opening of nearly 1000 Central Processing Centres for less than 2 Crores of PLI/RPLI policies is really very surprising. Ms. Anjali Devashar , Member, Postal Service Board (PLI) was apprised of the demerits of the decentralization being faced by many Circles, especially Karnataka & Tamil Nadu and how as the aftermath of decentralization employees of Karnataka Circle have been harassed by care by transferring them to the regions against their consent, was narrated by General Secretary along with Comrade Giriraj Singh and Comrade Parasar. She was also reminded that how in the event of nationwide strike in January, 2012, it was agreed upon and it was reflected in the agreement minutes that, “the request of the staff side to permit the Circle/Regional office branch of PLI to accept, process and service the policies relating to their headquarter cities where they were located was accepted to”. The same view was reflected in subsequent meetings on 21.05.2012 and the other on 28.12.2012. The question was raised that how in spite of all these agreements and understanding PLI Dte. issued an unusual order in February, 2013 in the name of Pilot project in 8 field post offices of 7 circles. Subsequent letters of PLI Dte. dated 26.06.2013 and 8.07.2013 added further momentum. Thereafter, the questions of violation of the rules also were pointed out by this union. During the course of discussion Member PLI asked for the list of the officials who have been transferred to regions from circle office against their consent. General Secretary assured to furnish such information as early as possible. Union representatives also demanded to include 22 circles, 37 regional offices and DPLI office, Kolkata within the ambit of the Central Processing Centres. Madam expressed her inability at this moment citing the example of APS in case of which department Suo-moto attempted to convert that as one of the Central Processing Centres. However, as this was an ongoing exercise, she expected that in course of day to day functioning and with the passage of time, the difficulties witnessed might be taken care of and in that case some changes may be visible. However, this union strongly pleaded for inclusion of Circles, Regions and DPLI within the ambit of the Central Processing Centres. She expressed her helplessness stating that it was a policy decision and nothing could be done at this moment. However, we didn’t agree and we still believe that the steps of the PLI Dte. and calculations in that regard are totally illogical. She said that she will be trying to show our union the present method of work relating to PLI/RPLI through a separate demonstrative program. Meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair.

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